Safety Manager - Deer Park VCM

Contribute. Grow. Lead...withOxyChem. Looking for a challenge? Desire to achieve your true potential?OxyChem is a growing, action-oriented, safety driven chemical manufacturingcompany continually striving to be the best in the business while stayingfocused on environmental protection. The secret to our success has and willcontinue to be our people.
Occidental Chemical Corporation(OxyChem) is a leading North American manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)resins, chlorine and caustic soda - key building blocks for a variety ofindispensable products such as plastics, pharmaceuticals and water treatmentchemicals. Other OxyChem products include caustic potash, chlorinated organics,sodium silicates, chlorinated isocyanurates and calcium chloride. OxyChem'smarket position is among the top three producers in the United States in 2017for the principal products it manufactures and markets. Based in Dallas, Texas,the company has manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.
In a fast-paced industry that demands precision, we create a supportive workplace where the safety and well-being of our employees are paramount. We are committed to rewarding top performers, offering very competitive pay and benefits, and providing tremendous career development opportunities. We are looking for an experienced and self-motivated individual to fill the position Environmental Engineer with our Manufacturing Facility located in Deer Park, Texas.
Essential Job Duties:
Develop, manage, and maintain overall Safety and Health programs while incorporating accountability and responsibility for Safety and Health performance into all levels of leadership and at a personal level for each member Deer Park VCM
Ensure that safety and health principles are incorporated into the foundation of department operations. Ensure annual department goals and objectives include meaningful Safety activities for all levels of the organization.
Provide adequate, correct, and appropriate safety technology and behavioral leadership, counsel, organization, and direction for comprehensive management of safety and health through a team concept.
Ensure appropriate reporting and follow-up of elements to meet facility, corporate, federal and state requirements necessary for compliance, continuous improvement, and to minimize injury and illness to personnel, and damage to property and equipment.
Coordinate the development, implementation, and measuring of Safety, Industrial Hygiene, procedures, practices, projects, and record keeping complying with all applicable codes, standards, and accepted practices. Maintain regulatory compliance and continued quality in Oxy safety process systems.
Audit areas of performance in Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Training, record keeping, procedures, inspections, safety meetings, incident reporting and investigations, etc. and determine program efficiency status. Work with facility leadership, personnel, and contract groups to correct and improve performance and practices as applicable.
Direct and motivate subordinates participation, behavior, and leadership development in programs, processes, methods, systems, and practices for maintaining a safe work environment and customer satisfaction. Schedule assignments and projects as needed, track progress, and broaden employees' scope and skill set to aspire to maximum potential and knowledge base.
Coordinate and facilitate employee involvement in the safety and health system. Support leadership and personnel, respond, and advice on safety and health related issues, define requirements, interpret regulations and procedures, and assist to define acceptable solutions.
Serve as primary contact (host) for all safety and health audits from Oxy, and regulatory personnel and represent Deer Park VCM at applicable community, and safety and health organizations and functions.
Coordinate Deer Park VCM special program efforts such as the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program and other distinctive regulatory or company programs and processes.
Support Deer Park VCM cost reduction, synergy, and low cost provider initiatives and approve expenditures for material and services required to maintain a safe operation of the facility within approved expenditure level and expectations.
Lead the organization to a zero injury and zero environmental impact by displaying personal, team, and job competencies with a positive results oriented attitude.
Manage plant security activities following corporate guidelines while working with governmental agencies and local authorities.
B.S. degree in safety discipline or equivalent with a minimum of 10 years' experience in an industrial setting.
Detailed knowledge of federal, state, and local policies and regulations.
Excellent leadership, communication, and interactive skills.
Occidental is an Equal Opportunity Employer / Individual with Disability / Veteran Status

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