Sr, Project Coordinator

Company Name:
United Shutdown Safety
All qualified applicants must apply online at http://www.unitedsafety.net/
This position includes assisting operating companies (clientele) with the implementation of their occupational health & safety standards and industry recommended practices. This is achieved through and by United Safety's policy, standards, procedures and management direction, as well as monitoring the activities of workers during routine, call-out, or facility maintenance and shutdown projects. This is conducted in a variety of environments in the upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum industry, including refinery, chemical, upgrader, power generation, plant turnaround and construction projects.
Responsibilities of the Sr. Project Coordinator include, but are not limited to:
Direct the planning, organizing, and control of required activities with input from client representatives (both on and off site).
Client / Contractor liaison - Planning, clear communication, effective negotiation, and troubleshooting to assist with compliance to client's rules and policies by client employees and contractors.
Ensure ongoing operational readiness of all equipment, that the proper equipment is being used for the job, that it has been rigged in properly and that it is being used for the purpose intended.
Ensure that mobilization, deployment, operation, maintenance, inspection, and repair of all USL equipment meets with USL policy, industry best practices, and all applicable legislation
Oversee mobilization and demobilization of equipment and personnel.
Direct the operation and ensures function, operational readiness of various equipment and testing systems to ensure response quality. Including: breathing apparatuses, air trailers, electronic and tube type gas detectors & systems, rescue devices, cellular and two-way radio systems, two and four wheel drive vehicles and their accessories, various small hand tools.
Work safely and supervise others to ensure the maintenance of superior QEH&S standards
Provide ongoing leadership, provide support, encouragement and knowledge to the United Safety Ltd. General Foreman, Foremen, Lead Hands, Safety Watch and Client. Lead by example on-site and off-site and be professional. Delegate and provide instruction to achieve USL and the client's goals, and consistently seek to develop all members of the USL team through on-the-job training, informal coaching, and internal/external instruction.
Evaluation of personnel and overall United Safety performance, performance management, ensure proper documentation and record keeping, actively participate in pre-job / tailgate meetings contractor foreman's meetings

Ability to handle changing priorities and work to defined timelines
Must be able to estimate work load and identify next steps
Must be available to work long hours (7-14) in the outdoor elements (snow, sleet, rain, heat, etc.)
Must be able to work alone for long periods of time while also being a team player.
Must be able to problem solve, including identifying, assessing, and correcting problems.
Must be able to keep accurate documentation.
Must be able to effectively communicate (verbal and written).
Strong Interpersonal skills; must be a team player.
Must follow all safety practices, understanding and applying company and client policies and procedures; industry practices & fundamental OH&S regulation.

Must Have:
Valid TWIC card.
Valid Basic Plus card.
Must be 18 years of age or older.
Must have industrial and/or maintenance experience in refineries
Must have at least 5 years of project management experience in the field at customer sites
Experience must be from inception (scope out) to the end of the project
Must be a professional with team player personality
Must be able to pass a physical, pre-employment drug screen, alcohol test, and a background check.
All candidates must attend and successfully complete a non-paid four (4) day selection training session.
Candidates must be able to provide valid identification and a water, gas or electric bill that matches the address on their identification.

This is a full-time position with benefits (vacation, medical, dental, vision, short term, long term, AD&D, 401k).

All qualified applicants must apply online at http://www.unitedsafety.net/

Don't Be Fooled

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